Every day, your teeth must endure crushing pressure, extreme temperatures, and a war against 600 different forms of bacteria. It’s no secret; at some point, you may need a dental crown. Dr. Villani and Dr. Kondrat prefer to place all-porcelain, custom-tinted crowns that look and feel natural. For front teeth, those that show in your smile, all-porcelain crowns provide sufficient durability, as well. Back teeth usually require porcelain-fused-to-metal or zirconia crowns.

A dental crown restores structure, strength, and function to teeth compromised by fractures or deep cavities. After taking a dental impression, the dentist will design a crown to snugly fit on top of your damaged tooth. Then a ceramist in our dental lab will fabricate the crown, using the dental impression and design specifications for precision and accuracy. During the interim between design and fabrication, you’ll wear a temporary crown. The entire process takes two visits and is usually completed in about two weeks.

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