Endodontics refers to the treatment of internal tooth structures. At Brighton Family Dental Group, Dr. Villani and Dr. Kondrat offer simple, one-visit root canals when appropriate. Modern root canal therapy is less invasive, more precise, more comfortable, and more effective than in years past.

When is a Root Canal Necessary?

Inside each tooth, a canal houses dental pulp, also called the tooth’s nerve. The pulp brings nutrients to the tooth, removes waste, and sustains life. If a deep cavity or fracture compromises the sealed canal, the pulp can become infected. As bacteria build up, pressure ensues, and you can develop a serious toothache. When the internal canal of a tooth is infected, the tooth can be extracted, or, in some cases, salvaged with root canal therapy.

What Does a Root Canal Entail?

To perform a root canal, the dentist will administer anesthetic to completely numb the affected tooth. Then he’ll use fine, precise tools to remove the infected pulp. A manmade substance is inserted into the tooth’s canal before a dental crown is secured on top. Without pulp, a tooth is no longer alive, but it can remain intact if free of infection.

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