Do your dentures slip and slide? Are you desperate for a solid, reliable set of teeth? Are you missing one tooth or several teeth and don’t desire wearing a denture or have otherwise healthy teeth cut down to accommodate a bridge? If you want to speak, smile, and eat in public with complete confidence then let’s talk about dental implants, the next generation of dental prosthetics.

Dental implants are small, biocompatible posts that anchor into the jaw, just like natural teeth roots. Each implant post can hold one replacement tooth, or a few implants can secure a bridge, partial, or denture. The root-and-crown structure of dental implants mimics nature’s design. In addition to providing optimal stability, implants also stimulate jawbone tissue to prevent bone deterioration.

Dr. Kondrat is a periodontist, so he can perform the dental implant placement in our office. Both Dr. Kondrat and Dr. Villani will consult with you and plan your implant procedure. Dr. Kondrat will complete and oversee the fabrication and placement of your implant prosthetic. After a short healing period and depending on your treatment plan, Dr. Villani will place the crown, bridge or denture over your implant(s). For your convenience the entire process, from implant placement to final prosthesis, can be performed in our office thus eliminating the need for you to have to go multiple locations.

If you’re ready to enjoy life, free from the worry and discomfort of ill-fitting dentures or to replace missing teeth, then schedule a consultation with us today.

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