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Does Your Smile Need A Dental Implant?

Do you have a gap in your smile? Whether you’ve lost one or more missing teeth, you need replacement to enjoy a healthy smile. Fortunately, we offer our Brighton, MA, patients options for replacing missing teeth, including lifelike dental implants.

How Do Bridges Replace Missing Teeth?

We may lose a tooth for a number of different reasons, from unexpected athletic injury to poor oral hygiene. However the cause, the sudden gap in your smile means trouble for your oral health. In order to replace lost teeth in Brighton, MA, we may suggest a custom-made dental bridge.

Are Dental Implants Right For My Smile?

Replacing your missing teeth helps you avoid serious complications and enjoy a full and beautiful smile once more. Often, we address missing teeth with implant dentistry. Are dental implants right for your smile? How do we place them and what makes them such a strong and lifelike option?

We Offer Natural Looking Dental Restorations

When a tooth becomes damaged, or when an oral health issue develops that threatens the health and stability of a tooth, treatment is crucial. In order to preserve our Brighton, MA, patients’ smiles, we often create and place lifelike dental restorations.

Can A Root Canal Save My Tooth?

When you develop a dental infection, there is always a risk of losing the tooth if treatment isn’t provided in a timely manner. In order to save your tooth, you may need a root canal procedure. How does this endodontic procedure help save an infected tooth?

How Do Dental Implants Replace Missing Teeth?

We can lose teeth for a number of reasons, from injury to poor oral hygiene or even the advanced stage of gum disease, periodontitis. When gaps appear in our smiles, our oral health and quality of life can suffer. Fortunately, we can use advanced dental implants to provide secure and lifelike replacements for missing teeth.

Should I Be Concerned About Tooth Loss?

When you lose one or more of your teeth, how concerned should you be? Missing teeth are much more than a cosmetic issue. In fact, even a single missing tooth can have a serious impact on the health and function of your smile.

5 Facts About Dental Implants

While bridges and removable dentures can help address tooth loss, dental implants offer a number of benefits over these more common tooth replacement options. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at five facts about dental implants and discuss how they can benefit your smile.

Quiz: What Makes Tooth Loss So Dangerous For Smiles?

We always urge our patients with missing teeth to seek solutions as soon as possible. Without treatment, tooth loss can be dangerous for your smile’s health and stability. What makes tooth loss such a danger for your smile? Find out in today’s quiz!

How Does A Bridge Fix My Missing Tooth?

If you have a missing tooth, then you may feel embarrassed about the state of your smile. However, we can help with a lifelike tooth replacement option. A dental bridge can fix your missing tooth and help prevent complications that can arise due to tooth loss.