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Repairing Smiles With Composite Fillings

What makes a composite filling different? Well, instead of being made from metals like amalgam, this option is metal-free and can even blend with your smile. Along with addressing tooth decay, we can also use the same material to correct minor cosmetic issues as well. In today’s blog, your Brighton, MA, dentists talk about repairing… Read more »

Is 2020 The Year To Try Dental Implants?

Do you have gaps in your smile due to tooth loss? If so, then you’re likely aware of the all the negative ways tooth loss impacts our overall health and quality of life. In order to help people enjoy full smiles once more, your Brighton, MA, dentists may provide lifelike and durable dental implants!

Halting Aching Smiles With Root Canal Therapy

When you experience pain biting down or chewing food, then something is definitely wrong. Trying to ignore the problem will only allow it to grow worse and eventually threaten the loss of one or more of your teeth. In order to address pain in your smile, your Brighton, MA, dentists may prescribe a safe and… Read more »

Treating Your Toothache With A Dental Filling

Do you have an ache in one or more of your teeth that just won’t go away? If so, this could be a problem that requires the attention of your Brighton, MA, dentists. In today’s blog we’re looking at the connection between tooth decay and toothaches, and discussing what people can do to protect their… Read more »

Will Dental Implants Help If I’ve Lost Several Teeth?

A dental implant offers a long-lasting and durable solution to tooth loss. However, that doesn’t mean we just use to them address a single missing tooth at a time. In fact, your Brighton, MA, dentists can employ implant dentistry to address minor and severe tooth loss, even if you’ve lost all of your natural teeth…. Read more »

Repairing Smiles With Porcelain Crowns

If you have a cavity, then you may receive a dental filling. If you have a minor chip, then dental bonding may be prescribed. But what if you severely crack or break a tooth? What if you develop advanced tooth decay? If so, then you may benefit from a custom-made and lifelike porcelain crown from… Read more »

We Offer An Alternative To Metal Fillings

While effective, many people find themselves a little nervous about metal fillings. After all, they don’t blend with the smile very well, or at all actually. However, we offer our Brighton, MA, patients an attractive and long-lasting solution that doesn’t require metal at all. Let’s learn more about our composite resin dental fillings!

Does Your Smile Need A Dental Bridge?

If you have between one and three missing teeth in a row, then yes, your smile may benefit from a dental bridge. Designed to address minor tooth loss, a custom-made bridge offers a lifelike and dependable solution for the gaps in your smile. In today’s blog, we’re talking about how we create them and when… Read more »

Making Your Smile Strong And Beautiful With Crowns

Our teeth are coated in a very strong material known as tooth enamel. However, despite this our teeth may still become chipped, broken, or develop tooth decay or infection. When teeth become damaged and the protective tooth enamel is compromised, then we may offer our Brighton, MA, patients a lifelike and strong dental crown. How… Read more »

The Benefits Of Metal-Free Fillings

For many years, the only option for addressing tooth decay and preventing infection involved placing a metal filling. While effective, these restorations had a number of drawbacks. Fortunately, we offer our Brighton, MA, patients an alternative, one that looks natural and is safe for patients of all ages. What benefits will our metal-free fillings provide?