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Embarrassed by Bad Breath?

when your bad breath refuses to go away in spite of your best efforts, it can be especially frustrating, not to mention potentially embarrassing.

Brighton Dentist Discusses Teeth Grinding and Tooth Decay

When bruxism (teeth grinding) occurs for a prolonged period of time, teeth will begin to wear down and may eventually break. As a matter of fact, multiple dental crown restorations are a likely eventuality for any teeth grinding habit that goes untreated. But what about tooth decay? Is it possible that bruxism can increase the… Read more »

Brighton Dentist Shares Homecare Tips

Many oral health problems are caused by oral bacteria. These bacteria assault teeth each day, forming a clear, sticky film called plaque, which enables them to attach to teeth. It is the goal of homecare to remove plaque so that the bacteria it contains are unable to do lasting damage to teeth. Thus, because homecare is… Read more »

Brighton Dentist Helps You Tackle Bad Breath

Having bad breath can be mortifying. You may even clam up in an attempt to hide it, preventing you from enjoying yourself and interacting with others. When it comes to bad breath, certain oral bacteria are the primary cause. Therefore, in order to eliminate bad breath, you need to eliminate these bacteria. To do so, you… Read more »

Brighton Dentist Reminds You to Schedule a Dental Cleaning

While homecare is absolutely vital to our oral health, it is also important to attend professional cleanings with regularity. These cleanings permit professionals to clean and examine your teeth and give your feedback about your homecare habits and the state of your oral health. To learn more about the benefits of attending your regular dental… Read more »

Brighton Dentist Shares Four Signs You May Be Grinding Your Teeth

Did you know that many people are unaware of the fact that they are damaging their teeth during their sleep? These people have a teeth grinding habit and wake up none the wiser to the fact that they have subjected their teeth to serious strain and potential damage. Unfortunately, the risks associated with teeth grinding… Read more »

Try These Homecare Tips from Your Brighton Dentist

It is sometimes easy to forget how important teeth are in our everyday lives. The fact remains, however, that without teeth, eating and speaking become very difficult. A lack of teeth also shows in the face, which tends to appear sunken and aged. Therefore, because teeth are so valuable, it is important to ensure their… Read more »

Brighton Dentist Discusses Tooth Decay and Dental Fillings

With thorough homecare and consistent dental visits, we can prevent tooth decay and keep our teeth cavity free. Yet sometimes, even the most diligent brushers and flossers will develop a cavity. To learn why cavities develop and how they are repaired, read below as your Brighton dentist, Dr. Thomas Villani discusses the progression of tooth decay and… Read more »