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4 Things To Remember When Traveling

When you travel, you might take on a new mindset. In general, it’s one of free spiritedness, which allows you to unwind, forget about the daily grind, and just enjoy yourself. While this is all well and good, we encourage you to remember to adhere to the simplest of essentials, so you don’t sabotage the work… Read more »

Quiz: What Does My Toothache Mean?

You know that if you have a toothache, something’s not quite right. What you might not feel so certain about, however, is whether that means you have a cavity, your tooth is infected, you’re only dealing with temporary irritation, or something else is happening. How to decide when it is time to come in for… Read more »

Caught Up On Care? Now What?

Did you make the most of the New Year, choosing to focus on getting your dental care all caught up? If so, you’re on track with your brushing and flossing, you’ve come in for the first of your two annual preventive care visits, and you have visits on the books for any necessary restorative treatments… Read more »

Choosing Floss: A Mixture Of Emotion And Logic

When you think about choosing your dental floss, you might not get too passionate about the experience. After all, it’s material that you pass through your teeth once daily and then throw into the trashcan! However, we encourage you to take a step back and think a bit more broadly regarding how to best choose… Read more »

A Few Good Smile Resolutions For 2017

As 2016 is about to head out, and while we welcome in 2017, it’s a good time to begin reflecting on some easy to accomplish smile resolutions. If you happen to be a stellar dental patient who sticks to absolute dental hygiene dedication, then give yourself a quick pat on the back and make sure… Read more »

Thanksgiving: Your Quiz For A Fun, Healthy Time

Do you think you’ve finally figured out how to approach Thanksgiving, while protecting your oral health? The easiest way to find out is to ask the important questions! For instance, do you know which foods are okay for your smile and which are not so wonderful? Do you know how to enjoy the foods you… Read more »

When Is It Time to Visit Your Dentist?

Most people are aware that they should visit their dentist, but not everyone knows exactly when to make the call. Aside from routine visits, there may also be times when seeing your dentist as soon as possible is necessary. Often, neglecting treatment when it’s needed the most could lead to tooth loss and potential threats… Read more »

Mouth/Body Connection – Respiratory Infections

Since much of the air you breathe passes through your mouth, it isn’t much of a stretch to assume that your oral health and respiratory health are connected in some way. Still, the extent of that relationship (as part of the more overreaching mouth/body connection) isn’t exactly common knowledge. The truth is, research indicates that… Read more »

Fascinating Tooth Sensitivity Research

People with extreme teeth sensitivity end up having to give up certain foods and drinks because of the discomfort involved with the condition. Sour, sweet, very cold, and very hot foods and drinks can result in you ever felt a shooting pain going through teeth and gums. The underlying layer of teeth beneath the hard… Read more »