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Should My Toothache Concern Me?

Do you often experience tooth sensitivity or aches in one or more of your teeth? A number of factors could cause pain in your tooth, but if the pain is persistent, then you may need to see your Brighton, MA, dentists for treatment. Find out when a toothache should concern you, and how we often… Read more »

How Do You Stop Pain In A Tooth?

Often, pain in a tooth could mean the presence of a cavity or possibly even a dental infection. Treatment is crucial for stopping the discomfort and preventing the loss of the tooth. In today’s blog, we’re looking at how we stop pain in teeth and how restorations can improve the health, beauty, and function of… Read more »

Does Your Family Need A Back To School Visit?

The new school year is about the begin, which means kids, college students, and educators will be heading back to school. We know that once the school year begins, finding time to see the dentist can often be difficult. Instead of postponing your visit until winter break, why not see us for a back to… Read more »

What Is Tori?

We address a number of different oral health concerns at our office, from gum disease to damaged or missing teeth. We even offer cosmetic care as well. However, today we would like to talk about a rare dental issue only that only impacts between 5% and 10% of people in the United States: mandibular tori.

How Often Should I See The Dentist?

When was the last you visited the dentist for a routine checkup and cleaning? For some, these are easy visits to skip, as they assume brushing and flossing renders them unnecessary. However, even if you take excellent care of your smile at home, you should still see the dentist for regular preventive visits.

Quiz: How Do I Keep My Smile Gum Disease Free?

Even if you have high risk factors or developing gum disease, you can take steps to safeguard your smile. We’re looking at a few causes of periodontal problems, as well as potential solutions. To find out what you can do keep your smile gum disease free, try today’s quiz!

Fast Facts: National Facial Protection Month

As April winds down, we feel it is important to cover a topic that can affect absolutely anyone: Facial injuries. If you didn’t already know, this is National Facial Protection Month. It’s a topic that receives national recognition because injuries to your face and head are something you can avoid, that can cause serious trauma,… Read more »

4 Things To Remember When Traveling

When you travel, you might take on a new mindset. In general, it’s one of free spiritedness, which allows you to unwind, forget about the daily grind, and just enjoy yourself. While this is all well and good, we encourage you to remember to adhere to the simplest of essentials, so you don’t sabotage the work… Read more »

Quiz: What Does My Toothache Mean?

You know that if you have a toothache, something’s not quite right. What you might not feel so certain about, however, is whether that means you have a cavity, your tooth is infected, you’re only dealing with temporary irritation, or something else is happening. How to decide when it is time to come in for… Read more »

Caught Up On Care? Now What?

Did you make the most of the New Year, choosing to focus on getting your dental care all caught up? If so, you’re on track with your brushing and flossing, you’ve come in for the first of your two annual preventive care visits, and you have visits on the books for any necessary restorative treatments… Read more »