Why Does My Tooth Hurt?

Do you have pain in your smile? If you have a tooth that hurts, there’s a chance that you have an oral health problem that requires treatment. Ignoring the pain means you could allow the issue to grow worse and threaten the health and stability of your smile. Let’s look at the common causes of toothaches.


FAQs: Why Do You Need An Oral Cancer Screening?

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, over 49,000 people are diagnosed with the disease every year. Of that number, half will succumb to the disease within just five years. The high mortality rate is due to the fact that most cases are not diagnosed until the later stages. However, we can identify the issue in the early stages with a routine oral cancer screening.


Will Your Oral Health Troubles Require A Root Canal?

Is a root canal something you should be concerned about? The problems that make root canals necessary are certainly worth worrying over. This procedure is provided for patients who are suffering internal tooth troubles. When you experience internal problems, your tooth’s living tissue is jeopardized, which puts you at risk of experiencing irreversible damage, and losing that tooth. During a root canal, your dentist can remove infected tissue, re-seal your pulp, and place a dental crown that will keep your tooth safe. This may not be anyone’s idea of a “pleasant” day in the dentist’s office, but it can be performed with an emphasis on patient comfort, and it offers vital protection that can save you from serious oral health consequences. (more…)