Will Your Oral Health Troubles Require A Root Canal?

Is a root canal something you should be concerned about? The problems that make root canals necessary are certainly worth worrying over. This procedure is provided for patients who are suffering internal tooth troubles. When you experience internal problems, your tooth’s living tissue is jeopardized, which puts you at risk of experiencing irreversible damage, and losing that tooth. During a root canal, your dentist can remove infected tissue, re-seal your pulp, and place a dental crown that will keep your tooth safe. This may not be anyone’s idea of a “pleasant” day in the dentist’s office, but it can be performed with an emphasis on patient comfort, and it offers vital protection that can save you from serious oral health consequences. (more…)

Can Gum Disease Pose A Threat To Your Overall Health?

Gum disease is certainly a potential source of trouble for your oral health, but the effects of this problem may also extend to your general health. There are indications that patients who suffer from gum disease can face a higher risk of developing problems that impact their overall well-being. This includes potentially serious problems – gum disease may increase your risk for heart disease, diabetes complications, and Alzheimer’s disease! Practicing good preventive dental habits will help you remove oral bacteria that can lead to gum disease. Make sure you pay attention to potential signs of poor periodontal health when you brush and floss. If you feel something is wrong, your dentist can provide treatment.


What Kind Of Support Should You Expect From A Dental Crown?

A dental crown is able to withstand the sort of standard biting and chewing pressures your teeth experience on a regular basis. This is important, as the goal of restorative dental work is to help you feel as though your smile is fully functional. If you are not able to bite and chew naturally, you can put strain on your jaw joints, and place an excess amount of wear and tear on your other teeth. Our office can provide you with a crown that gives you necessary support, while also preserving your appearance. The crown you receive will be made from porcelain, which will have a natural look and feel. (more…)

Receiving A Dental Prosthetic That Is Permanently Secured

A permanently secured dental prosthetic can help you regain confidence in your smile, and help you regain a more natural dental function. It is important to recognize that even a single lost tooth can cause serious issues for your oral health. You can face difficulties biting and chewing when forced to work around an absence. This can lead to a taxing of your jaw joints, and can potentially force remaining teeth to take on more wear and tear than is appropriate. A dental bridge can be put in place to offer you a natural-looking solution to this problem. Many patients will opt to support a prosthetic with a dental implant, which can offer many important benefits. (more…)

Taking Action Against Cosmetic Worries With Veneers

Are you worried about the quality of your smile? A healthy smile can be important to a person’s confidence, but if you are impacted by dental flaws, it can hurt your overall self-esteem. You may be aware that your dentist provides cosmetic dental procedures, but if you are unfamiliar with these treatments, you can be unclear on how this can affect you. One thing you should know is that if you have several flaws currently affecting your teeth, you may still be able to fit your corrections into a single procedure. By receiving porcelain veneers, you can make dramatic, lasting corrections. (more…)

Have Symptoms Of Gum Disease Escaped Your Notice?

It would be wrong to assume that the absence of pain means your smile is in ideal condition. For instance, you may not be in pain because of gum disease, but there are real symptoms that deserve your attention. Have you noticed that your periodontal tissue seems redder than usual? Are you seeing signs of swelling, or a recession of your gum line? These are all indicators that you may be dealing with a periodontal infection. Your dentist can provide care to stop this infection, so it does not create further issues. If gum disease goes untreated, it can increase your risk for tooth loss, and even interfere with your general health!  (more…)

Using A Root Canal To Stop Advanced Tooth Decay

As tooth decay progresses, bacteria can eventually gain access to the interior of your tooth. If you leave a cavity untreated for long enough, your pulp will eventually be impacted, and the living tissue housed within can become infected. To protect your tooth at this point, your dentist will need to perform a root canal treatment. When it comes to restorative dental care, you do have some control over how your dentist approaches your cavity. If you want to limit the severity of your problem, and the seriousness of your treatment, seek care earlier in the cavity’s development. That can allow your dentist to put a stop to the problem before a root canal is necessary. (more…)