Don’t Fear A Root Canal

brighton root canal

When a tooth becomes infected, you could experience persistent sensitivity, or possibly a toothache. Over time, symptoms can grow more severe and the risk of a missing tooth increases too. To treat this and protect your smile, you need a root canal. In today’s blog, your Brighton, MA, dentists explain why a root canal isn’t a procedure to fear, and how we ensure you remain comfortable throughout the process.


Treating Misalignment With Invisible Braces


Just because you have misalignment, doesn’t mean metal braces are the only way to achieve a straighter smile. In fact, your Brighton, MA, dentists actually offer a nearly-invisible solution that doesn’t use metal brackets or wires at all. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at the benefits of correcting uneven teeth with invisible Invisalign® aligners.


4 Steps To Prevent Gum Disease

prevent gum disease

With a board-certified periodontist as part of our team, we understand how to help prevent or manage gum disease. Routine care is crucial for avoiding long-term, negative impacts, such as tooth loss! In today’s blog, your Brighton, MA, dentists will look at four different ways to help prevent gum disease, or to properly manage it to protect your smile.


Composite Fillings Are Safe For Everyone!

composite dental fillings

If you notice a toothache that doesn’t seem to go away, then you may have a cavity that needs treatment! However, instead of an unsightly metal filling, we provide a durable and metal-free alternative with composite resin. In today’s blog, your Brighton, MA, dentists look at the benefits of treating tooth decay with a filling that can be tinted to match your smile.